Don’t stop me now!...
Les Brazeau at Sunday Roast
Les Grandparents Brazeau
Les Brazeau avec leurs petit-fils
Grandma and Axel
Tell me another story..
Park life. Cafe lunch.
Tower Bridge, the City and the Thames
The Mayflower. Yes it sailed from here.
Mother and Son
Grandpa's birthday! Axel's 1st party
That's a good set of lungs
Too tired to chat
Master Yoda
Hyde Park Sunday (15th April)
Yea ! Grandma
Oooh, the sun's in my eyes...
Happy family
London's spring flowers
You've got food!?
Not to scale
Dine & Dash!
Swan Lake
Action on the Serpentine
Picnic in Kensington Gardens
3 Generations
25C in the shade!
Frisbee action
Enjoying the weather
Nat Bechamp's Coffee Tawk
A Grand Day Out
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
Happy days (ah! cold!)
Horsing around near Park Lane
Post Park Depression...
Stroll around the neighbourhood
Catching some rays
Don't go Grandma...
Final hug
Baby Bjorn tube travel
Green Park
Which way did he go?
Rox in Hyde Park
Merran, Lea, Axel, Mom
Merran, Axel, Rox, Lea, Paul
Merran, Rox, Axel, Tony, Lou, Lea, Paul - Park Life
Another Marathon Day...
Ali, Callum, Axel & Rox
Birthday buddies - Born same time a few doors away
Ali, Jo, Bill & Shaun provide a picnic between all the runners
Fancy dress marathon in shadow of Canary Wharf
London Marathon Madness!
I’m having such a good time, I’m having a ball!  Restaurant’s, riverside walks, cafe’s, parks, Grandpa’s birthday, resting, flowers, squirrels, swan’s ducks, boats, lakes, trees, picnic’s, frisbee, water fun, horses, tube rides, a park! Birthday Marathon... phew! Fun!!! And May is shaping up to be even busier now that Mom’s getting her stamina back.  Look out London!
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