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Monday, 12 March 2007
Baby Turning Event - ouch!
Well today I went into hospital for an ECV.  My appointment was at 1pm and I got out of there at 5.30pm... So much for a quick procedure.  They don't factor in all the monitoring and waiting around.  
Anyways the baby won't move.  Despite how much force the doctor put into trying to turn the baby it just would not budge and I have to say that I was surprised at how much the doctor was trying to move the baby - my belly was completely contorted and it certainly hurt... but the baby would have none of it.  So this means that I am now scheduled for a c-section on Thursday March 22nd.  I am to go into the hospital at 8am and eventually throughout the morning I should have the baby delivered for me.
The doctor said there was really no point in booking another ECV as it seems that the kid is lodged in there quite tightly and he really did not see there being a chance of it moving.  I will still try hanging upside down and sitting on a speaker to see if I can encourage the kid to move around (a technique that seems to have worked for some!).
Of course if my waters break or I start having contractions beforehand then I will need to go to the hospital for an emergency c-section.   But let's hope it's nice and easy and we just show up on the 22nd like any other appointment.  I then stay in hospital for 3 days before they send me home.
So this is officially our last weekend to play.  I think I previously mentioned that we are going to a play called Avenue Q this Friday.  I'm very happy that we did not have to cancel our social plans - how very convenient!!  I guess we will book up every minute of the weekend to maximise our play time.
So mark the date - March 22nd should be Delivery day.