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Monday, 19 March 2007
Fat Feet - 3 days to go
My ankles and feet look like big sausages. I had to go to St-Thomas Hospital this morning for blood work to be done. I also decided to go to the day assessment unit and had a midwife do loads of tests to make sure that the swelling wasn't something more complicated than me being very pregnant.  
So all is fine - except for the fat feet which they say I have been lucky that I haven't had any issues till now.  So I guess I will have sausage legs until the baby is born.  So I am now fashioning sport sandals with socks - very nice indeed!!!
The midwife also confirmed that the baby is still in a breech position and thought that it is very unlikely that the baby will turn by Thursday.  
So I guess I now just need to put my feet up for the next 3 days cause baby will be here by Thursday lunch time!! Still a very strange thought!!!