Week 2 - Social life takes off!
Auntie Merran meets Axel
Ready to roll - Spring is here
Cross each bridge as we get there
Russia Dock Woodland
Stopping to smell the 'roses'
My biceps are bigger Dad
Wear a mustache..
Dad, they're watching us...
Dad & Axel
Hey! Where are my clothes?!
Laid back
Bite your lip
I don't know, Dad
Grandparents arrive!
Axel and Grandma B
Nap time
Grandpa B & Axel
1st stroll along the Thames
Axel fast asleep
Pit stop at Spice Island
Grandma & Axel
Enjoying the gorgeous Thameside walk
Mom and her men
Don at the controls
Prep for 2nd boat ride!
Return boat trip for Axel & Grandma B
Grandpa & Axel
Out like a light..
Calming wave therapy
Dinner at Harwood
In my 2nd week running the show I had more visitors, was taken for walks, lazed around posing, met Grandma and Grandpa Brazeau, had lunches out and even had two boat rides across the Thames.  Oh and I slept, ate and made sure all the plumbing worked. A lot. ;-)
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