Axel in Canada - Part 1 - Mississauga
Balcony moonbeam: Axel sleeps...
1st flight: Ho-hum
'Heavy boy' says Great Grampa
Canada, eh? I like the pampering
Klaudia, Todd, Anya join Axel for 1st dip
Cousin Laura with Axel
Uncle Bob and Axel
33 years later - Jenny & the kids
Nap time for Elise, Paul & Axel
Auntie Linda and Axel
Granpapa with Axel
4 generations of Gregory's
Off to Oshawa
Woo-hoo!  Looking back, it was a great start to my trip back to the Motherland.  A big night sleep to get ready, executive class upgrade, meeting the Gregory’s and Alexander’s, my 1st dip in a pool, meeting some of Mommy and Daddy’s friends.  Nice.  So my 11th week was one to remember.  I’ll get the Oshawa pics up very soon cause it was great too!
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