Meet Baby Axel
About me
Boy or Girl
Baby boy
My Name
Axel Blaze Brazeau Gregory
Date & Time I Arrived
Thursday March 22nd 2007 at 10:40am
My Weight
3.82kg (8lbs4oz)
My Length
53cm long (21 inches)
Guest Appearance Location
St-Thomas Hospital, London, UK
Special Thanks to my team of people who did a great job with my grand entrance
Doctors & Midwives
My parents - who will feed and lodge me for the next 35 years.  Oh and they also will need to cover all my expenses for that time too - lucky them!
Roxane & Scott
My photo albums
Now about me & my guest appearance
I decided to make my grand entrance into this world via my mom’s tummy.  I had my people sort out a nice & tidy exit.  Just like my mom, I liked the idea of a little renovation project so I had them put in a new exit door for my grand arrival and spared no expense!
It was a much easier exit with no effort at all on my part.... and of course I arrived looking my best!
I had paparazzi awaiting my arrival with camera flashes going off in all directions.  Fortunately, my people were able to lead the way for a few checks before I let my parents admire my good looks.
Of course Mom & Dad couldn’t get enough of me - I can’t really blame them.
Everything went smoothly.  I’m feeling pretty good considering I’ve been drinking since I arrived with no food.  This place they call home is much cosier than the hospital. Mom & Dad have no clue what they got themselves into so I figure I can play it cute for a while and I will be running the show in no time.