Shower Photos
Meet the Gregory clan - Laura(cousin), Chelsea(favourite niece), Michelle(sister) & Barbara(mom)
Having a quick chat with Pauline, Natalie & Rachel
Nathalie (in from Mexico) & Julie
Amelie & Sebastien
Now there’s a cute smile!
The ladies in charge of the food - Wendy & Dawn
Laura & Michelle - trying hard to avoid the camera
Sacha, Danya (holding baby), Talya & Brenda
Preparing for the showdown!
I’m checking my gear
Looking silly!
Scott’s winning technique - bend those knees!
Overflowing Table of Gifts
more gifts....
.... and more still!
cousins Myka & Tara
‘I think this is too small?’
What a looker!
Yummy cake!
Loads of family & friends
it’s so cute... it’s so tiny...
they don’t get any bigger?
Front line helpers.. Irene, Lysa, Melanie & Melissa
Molly is helping Kim with the draw
Jane, Colleen & Brittany
Team effort..
The two great-grandmothers to be
Not so impressed with the diaper mess?
A full inspection - she looks like a pro!
Sniffing away...
Get your nose in there...
Marie-Paule & Manon
Team effort
While everyone is inspecting diapers we are beavering away with the gift unwrapping...
Taking it very seriously
come on aunt Miki.... what’s in there?
Lysa working hard while Irene is distracted by a dirty diaper
double nose tactic... is this cheating?
Grandma to be looking over our work
Ros, Nicki & Louis
The shower bouquet by Lorraine
Scott taking a break at the back
Karine - we see you!!
Does my bum look big in this?
Cake cutting time with Molly
Scott & Rox the next day - boy that cake was good!!
Here are a few photos of our Baby Shower afternoon. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Thanks again to everyone for making this day so special.