Our Baby Shower - January 06, 2007
A special thanks to everyone who helped make this day happen
Host(s) - the super duper people who made it all happen (the shower that is - for baby see ‘Daddy to be’ below)
Clare & Don - proud soon to be grandparents
Kim - sous host
Interior Decorators - just the right touches to make the place look great
Kim, Scott, Lorraine, Don & Clare
MC - making sure the crowd was under control
Heads of Kitchen - keeping everyone very well fed
Wendy & Dawn
Photographer - say cheese!
Sylvie - taking photos when you least expected it!!!
Front Line Helpers
Lysa - Green card lady
Irene - Supervisor
Melissa - Gift-hander-outer
Melanie - Gift-hander-outer
Address & Door Prize Coordinator
Daddy to be
Scott - without him I would not be in this predicament!
Our Photo Albums
Games Played - Winners
  1. 1.Orange Race - Scott
  2. 2.Dirty Diapers - Danya
  3. 3.Various other draws and under chair prizes - I didn’t quite keep track of them all as I was speed unwrapping!
What a great day
Not having been to a shower in the past 25 years I didn’t quite know what to expect.  This was certainly a fabulous afternoon with the gathering of friends and family - some I’ve not seen since our wedding in ‘97’.  So a great BIG reunion to match the size of my belly.
Scott and I started off the fun
by playing the ‘Orange Game’ where Scott cheated by kicking my orange off to the side.... since I am not very competitive I thought the right thing to do was to make orange juice by stomping on his orange... I thought this would make me a sure winner but somehow he still managed to get his flattened orange to the finish line before I could manoeuvre my orange away from the chairs.
With that out of the way we were put straight into gift unwrapping.... and oh boy there were loads of amazing gifts to tackle.  I was under quite a lot of pressure to unwrap as quickly as possible - mainly because Scott kept reminding me to go faster!!  
While the speed unwrapping was taking
place Kim made sure that our family & friends were having fun.  The one game that seemed to get everyone laughing in disgust was the diaper game... A sure shit... oops I meant hit!!
All in all we had a fabulous time and we would like to thank everyone for taking the time to join us and for making this such a special day for us.  We would also like to thank each and every one of you for the amazing gifts - our little bundle of joy will certainly be the best dressed and will not need for anything for a long while to come (we’re hoping sometime after college).  
PS: You’ll be happy to hear that yes indeed we managed to lug our loot back to London - it’s amazing how many little items can fit into four large hockey bags!! (Even more amazing to watch Scott lug them back to our apartment)
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