A few more pics...
How you doin'?
Hi Cutey
Auntie Yo! Hide me, it's the paparazzi
Stacey, Ava and Peter at Hyde Park picnic
Peter with Ava - cool little lady
Axel and Dad with the team - Emma, Paul, Bryan & Gavin
Enjoying a little down time
It's a great day
Lemme think about it....
Love my duck blanket
Lex Luthor or Richie Rich
Smiles for the camera
Mi Hijo en su ropa
Auntie Julie, Axel & Mom
Enjoying the day with Auntie Karen
oh, it's Auntie Merran
Whew!  Loads going on.  Here are a few shots of me, the parents and the world they brought me into.  There a a bunch of other shots I want to show you but they aren’t ready yet.  With a bit of luck Dad or Mom will put them up on the site before the week’s out. AG
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